Merloquet Falls; Sibulao, Zamboanga City, Philippines

Would like to trek a mountain and be amaze by a gigantic falls, explore the Merloquet falls. The Waterfalls is subdivided into two; the lower level falls (bigger falls) with an estimated height of 10m and a width of 13m. The upper level falls (just above the lower falls) has an estimated height of 5 m and a width of 8m. At the bottom of the upper level falls is a 10feet deep pool where one could freely swim. Merloquet Falls is located at Sitio Merloquet, Barangay Sibulao, Zamboanga City. It is situated in the private area owned by a certain Gregorio family.  There are two ways to reach the area. One is by taking Route 1 which is from the City proper to Brgy. Tagasilay (57 km) then to Sitio Merloquet (5 km). Route 2 is to go to Brgy. Vitali (68 km) then to Brgy. Sibulao (8 km) and from there to Merloquet Falls (1 km).

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