Amazing Lake Sebu's Seven Falls, Philippines

Lake Sebu's Seven Falls, South Cotabato
The Seven Falls of lake sebu which is a series of majestic cascades lined-up one after the other. The easiest to reach is the first falls named Hikong Alu which requires minimal walking. The 2nd Falls is the Hikong Bente, 3rd Falls which is the Hikong B'lebed & 4th falls is the Hikong Lowig. The 5th Falls which is the Hikong Kefo-I is hidden by thick vegetation. The two remaining cascades, the 6th Falls (Hikong Ukol) and 7th Falls (Hikong Tonok), are way out of sight, deep in the forest further down, something that would require some sweaty hiking.

1st Hikong Alu Falls

2nd Hikong Bente Falls

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