Filipina Teens Beauty

Beautiful Filipina Youth

Filipina Teens are generally conservative, friendly, sweet, gentle, hospitable, sensitive and loving people. They are closely attached to her family and her friends. She finds difficulty when she loses these emotional props. They are dependent on parents for a long time particularly in matters requiring decisions. Filipina teens are expected to live up to the family expectation. The parents may choose her course even if she is not sure that it is what she wants. The family's traditions and values may dictate that the student take a course unsuited to her. In the Philippines, there is a high value placed on prestigious careers such as medicine and law. To a Western observer, the Filipina teenager is like his average American counterpart. She dances the current dance steps and sings the current pop hits. Nevertheless, if one digs deeper she will find that the Filipina teens is still a product of his own Filipina environment and influences.


  1. Who is the girl on the 3rd picture, the one with a pink top?

  2. tas terbuat dari kain lap lantai kah?



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