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The Mestiza beauty is typically characterized by very strong and sharp features. Most Spanish-Filipinas have fair skin with reddish under- tones, sharp noses, deep-set eyes, and weak chins. But nowadays, after the Spanish colonization, the term 'mestiza' had also evolved. This is when the half Filipinas took over and ruled. Ruffa Gutierrez is one of the Mestiza beauty whom I adore the most.

Ruffa Gutierrez

Krista Kleiner

Enchanted River, Surigao Del Sur, Philippines

                    Enchanted River, Hinatuan Surigao Del Sur
The Enchanted River is such a hidden paradise. This spectacular blue tarn fills the deep crevice of the forest wall. The deepest portion of the river in the middle was measured 24 meters, but, another wondrous feature is the deep hole where the water of the Pacific Sea percolates. This is said to be the channel of the big fishes passing from the sea to the river. During a calm moment of the day, when nobody is swimming or diving around, those big fishes come out and you can gently toss bread crumbs to feed them. With a big awe, it’s been said that no one has ever caught even one of these vast marine fishes, neither by hand nor by net. It more curious why they prohibit anybody to take a swim beyond 6pm. It’s making the place more mysterious, huh. Barangay Cambatong, where the river is found, is steeped in oral tradition. And the lore of how the water body got its mystical tint is not hard to believe. Legend has it that one firefly-lit night, fairies floated above the river while elves watched from cliffs and banks. With their wands, the fairies stirred the water, toyed with sapphire and jade, and made the tones fade and meld to achieve a shade of bluish green that now paints the riverbed. Twelve kilometers from the highway junction, the Enchanted River shapes the boundary of Barangays Talisay and Cambatong in Hinatuan. Though some portions of the well-maintained dirt road are undulating, these don’t make the ride bumpy and dusty as some tourists wrote in their blogs.

UnderWater Scenery


Filipina Teens Beauty part-2

Beautiful Filipina Youth - II
Filipina Teens are generally conservative, friendly, sweet, gentle, hospitable, sensitive and loving people. They are closely attached to her family and her friends. She finds difficulty when she loses these emotional props. They are dependent on parents for a long time particularly in matters requiring decisions. Filipina teens are expected to live up to the family expectation. The parents may choose her course even if she is not sure that it is what she wants. The family's traditions and values may dictate that the student take a course unsuited to her. In the Philippines, there is a high value placed on prestigious careers such as medicine and law. To a Western observer, the Filipina teenager is like his average American counterpart. She dances the current dance steps and sings the current pop hits. Nevertheless, if one digs deeper she will find that the Filipina teens is still a product of his own Filipina environment and influences. 


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