Desirable Filipina Model Alyzza Agustin

Vixen Alyzza Agustin was born on Sept. 21, 1991 in Quezon City, Philippines, she is a happy person with a great personality. She's a social butterfly in the class and a very friendly person. You can barely see this girl with a frown on her face. Alyzza is a jolly and a happy go lucky person and can spice up the class in random situations. This girl is very charming and can be also unconsciously hardworking to reach her dreams and goals in life as a FA flight attendant and to appear in a SEXY Magazine. Alyzza Agustin has the voluptuous type of body, an angelic face and a innocent cute smile put it all together and there we have another hot girl named "Alyzza Agustin" worthy to be part of Pinay Sexy Goddess.

1 comment:

  1. Overall there are no women in the world more beautiful than Philippine women and this girl is a fine example of that!



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