Delightful Batlag and Daranak Falls, Philippines

Batlag and Daranak Falls, Tanay, Rizal
Batlag and Daranak falls are both located in Tanay, Rizal and it is a park facilitated by the local government. It is just a few minutes away from the city proper so expect many people coming in this place to experience and see its beauty. Batlag falls is at the top of Daranak falls, you don't need any ride to reach Batlag falls simply because it is just a few steps away. Daranak falls is open from 8am - 5pm everyday with an entrance fee of 20 pesos for adults and 15 pesos for children. Picnic table is optional but if you want to rent you need to shed 100 pesos for it. If you're planning to spent night at Daranak, it is not possible. Daranak falls isn't offering overnights. However, Batlag Falls is. You can stay overnights there which costs 150 pesos for adults and 75 pesos for children. If you visit during the day you will be paying 50 pesos for adults and 25 pesos for children. Picnic shed and cottage in Batlag falls ranges from 250 to 350 pesos. Swimming in Daranak falls is better than in Batlag falls because Daranak falls is bigger. However, it is more crowded in Daranak falls. So if you want to swim freely and away from the crowd, going to the deep areas of the falls will be the solution. The deeper it is the less people you interact on that area. 

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