Mysterious Pinay Model Paloma Esmeria

Her Name is Paloma Mian Esmeria. Born in Manila, Philippines on October. She is  Scorpion mainly so she got some traits. Assertive yet discreet, loyal and streetwise, with plenty of passion and a long memory. Versatile with clothes and music. Love personality : intense, romantic and mysterious. Paloma can speak fluent Japanese and a little bit of Spanish. Esmeria is about 5'3 1/2"" tall and recently she fluxuate between 98 and 104 lbs. Esmeria loves spicy food. She can eat pizza and pasta in a week! Paloma likes to put a lot of hot sauce on it too. Her favorite pizza is Brooklyn Pizza. Paloma Esmeria gave up eating rice since last year but Paloma can't quit cheese and chocolates.  Paloma is one of the most attractive pinay models in the Philiipines at the moment.

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