Mantayupan Waterfalls, Cebu, Philippines

Mantayupan Waterfalls, Barili Town, Cebu
Mantayupan Falls is found in Barili town, Cebu, Philippines. It is located close to the east end of Carcar-Barili Road where it connects to the national highway, 2-2.5 hours drive away from Cebu City, Philippines. The road going to Barili is relatively smooth all the way passing through the towns of Minglanilla, Naga, San Fernando and Carcar. The falls are composed of two levels, at the first level are three fourteen meter (14 mtr.) falls, and at the second level is a ninety-eight meter high (98 mtr.) waterfall. From the parking area it is an easy 1-2 minute walk to the first falls. There are several steps and a bridge going up to the second falls. Pools at various heights flow into the basin. The waterfall is one of three main tourist attractions in the interior barangays of Barili.

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