Taal Volcano, Batangas, Philippines

Taal Volcano, Talisay, Batangas
The World’s Most Inspiring Volcanoes, Taal Volcano is an active volcano located about 70-km south of Manila inside a lake, it was formed through one major eruption at the center of a lake, and since the lake itself is the crater of a prehistoric volcano, and within the lake, other eruptions have occurred producing more craters and micro-lakes. The vista from the rim is unrivaled. Although the Taal Volcano has not erupted since 1977, it has erupted 33 times and these were notable enough to earn it a tag by the UN on the list of the world’s Decade Volcanoes. Many people still travel to the area to see the magnificent sites set to a backdrop of vegetation and wildlife in Batangas City and are willing to pay the cost and risk for a rent house to take in the views of the Taal Volcano Protected Landscape in its true glory. One area that tourists enjoy visiting immensely as part of the Taal Volcano Protected Landscape is Crater Lake where many enjoy bathing. Unfortunately the sudden influx of tourists recently has led to a decline in the aquatic fish who call the area home and conservationists are beginning to take action. However, there will soon be a large tree planting along the beaches of Taal Lake to combat the problem along with Volcano Island. Additionally, an area will be deemed a protected area to encourage friendly eco-tourism to keep the area ripe and environmentally diverse for years to come.

Aerial View of Taal Volcano

The Big volcano

Taal Volcano & Taal Lake

Viewed from Tagaytay Ridge

The Mouth of Taal Volcano 

Viewed from Tagaytay Ridge

The Mouth of Taal Volcano 

Small portion of the lake boiling. 
Mouth of Taal Volcano 

Taking a dip in Crater Lake

This is the real Taal volcano. There was sulfur in the air here… and they say when you swim there, it will instantly bleach your clothes.

Vents spewing out sulfuric gases.

Talisay, Batangas Shore

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